Our Story

By the start of the 22nd Century, it was clear that many, if not most, of the rare and majestic animals on Earth were going extinct. A visionary scientist by the name of Dr Thomas Orion Morrow proposed a grand experiment to the United Nations, whereby transgenic coding would be taken from the human genome and applied across the entire animal kingdom - thereby preserving and protecting every known species from extinction!

Expecting a Nobel Prize for his work, Dr Morrow was shocked to instead find himself subject to a public outcry, and an ethical investigation against him and his work. With his reputation destroyed, Dr Morrow swore to prove himself right, disappearing from his chaotic public life altogether, and taking his research assistants and personal fortune with him.

But where did he go?

In secret, Dr Morrow acquired an archipelago of ten islands, naming it ‘The Newgenic Metaverse’ or ‘The Metaverse’ for short. Here Dr Morrow began creating transgenic hybrids of his ten favourite species, one for each island in his Newgenic metaverse, using the genetic material of his own research assistants and some captured samples of the native animals. One by one, his assistants began leaving, or ‘disappearing’, under rather mysterious circumstances. But behold, the work was done - and ten newly minted species were forged into existence, all spread across the ten islands of the Newgenic Metaverse...

Little is known about the history that follows. Some say a global pandemic swept the world, others claim it was a war like no other seen before, but the human world fell silent. The fate of Dr Morrow still remains unknown to this very day – some say he died alone in his lab, others that he uploaded his brilliantly deranged mind into a computer. The animals that populate the Metaverse each have their own ideas and prophecies about the Dr, but no one can know for sure.

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